Holistic Life Coaching

The Five – Step MadzookMethod is derived from multiple constructs of holistic practices around the world that include both Eastern and Western philosophy and Sciences. Open your heart, open your mind, become you – dream big, have no fear, be beautiful, be strong, and be comfortable in your own skin! Live a life you choose, empower your “self”, be authentic and original. It is shame, guilt, fear, and envy, that destroy humanity. Just BE, FEEL, & LOVE YOU!art-gym-photo3

Human Development and Performance Enhancement  Program Design

“Greatness is always found in the outlier – never from within the normative set” (MadzookJoe, 2015)! We highlight those things that make you different. Helping you build upon those foundations of unique strength by learning how to understand your own powers. Functional movement, balance, timing, speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, body image, self -confidence, self -efficacy, increases in neurological capacity and expanding beyond all of your individual limitations both real and perceived. We are with you every step of the way! Knowledge is worth much less without the ability to perform!

Venue & Event Services

Corporate fitness training, team building, bar and nightclub security training consultation seminars, women’s self -defense seminars, festival or convention security consultation & systems review. Limited Corporate or Executive Personal bodyguard services (When available).


Joy is a tremendous healer, I was very appreciative of the time she spent with me and how she helped me grow, and understand my true self. She is one of the greatest inspirations I have encountered in my lifetime” – Betty, Indianapolis

“I was accepted into West Point, and I now play Division one football for the U.S. Army, Joe, Joy and Jessica helped me achieve my greatest goals, I truly feel blessed to have had them helping me along the way” – Donavan, Indianapolis

“Joe and Joy helped me when I was in a dark place with little confidence and they saw potential in me when others including myself did not. They literally helped me change my life and I am forever thankful” – Jeshua, Indianapolis

“As an entertainer in one of the longest running shows in Las Vegas my workouts are vital to my career, Joe is the best money I have ever spent!”  – Kristina, Las Vegas

“Playing football at the University of Arizona was a great experience for me, when I was working out for my NFL tryout, I found Joe to be a great partner helping me by improving my strength and agility” – Jose, Las Vegas

“My kids used to exhaust me, after working out 18 weeks with Joe I was back in full control of my body again, I will miss him when he moves to Indiana”  – Robin, Las Vegas

“Thank you, Joe and Joy, for helping Chad make the varsity team. He was so excited to see you guys at his game the other night. We are sorry to see you go if you ever come back to Las Vegas we want to talk to you FIRST about your schedule availability!” – Saul, Las vegas

“I have been published in several magazines, my body is an asset to me I cannot take any chances in maintaining it. Joe and Joy are the best trainers I have ever worked with; when I auditioned for Playboy TV, they took all the right steps for my body! Joe is always very professional around me at all times and helps keep me in the shape I need to be in” – Stephanie, Los Angeles

Our clients have included:

Fitness Models


Las Vegas Showgirls

Active Seniors

Body Builders

Adults seeking to attain improvements in life

Professional Entertainers Youth Recreational Athletes
Fighters Adult Recreational Athletes
Professional Athletes Competitive Youth Athletes
University Athletes Magazine Models
Persons seeking change in their life Corporate Professionals

Our practice is now limited to men and women ages 18 years old and over (adults). We will consider some younger performance enhancement and human development clients on a specific basis and if we feel, they are ready to accept our training and philosophy responsibly. This will be more of an exception than a norm and will be determined individually after an at length interview and discussion with the minor and the responsible adult.

Products in the Madzook Bazaar

We travel the world seeking knowledge, and life experiences, on the way we find some really cool stuff – items that we feel fall into one of our four-pillar categories of life or something one of our eight character types may like. We want to share these interesting products with others that may also find them useful, interesting, valuable, or entertaining. Take a look, see something you like, have a suggestion, or wish to collaborate with us, then just drop us a line! Items could change based on availability and our current location, so if you like it – buy it when you see it!


Next Steps…

Browse the Madzook Bazaar, contact us for our Life Coaching Services, or enjoy our YouTube Channel and follow our travels! We are ready whenever you are! We want to assist you in any way that we are capable. Online Coaching, personal discussions, seminars at your retreats, event, or office.