Holistic Life Coaching Services

MADZOOK offers a five – step process assisting you with the tough questions, or choices, that life throws our way. We all need a safe, nonjudgmental person to talk with sometimes. A person that will be candid, offer additional insight, life experiences, methods and modalities of critical thinking, and self – evaluation, or simply reinforce our perspectives providing us with greater confidence and security. A person that listens to us and understands what we say and helps us identify where our thoughts, words, and deeds intersect. A person capable of assisting us in improving our individual performance or personal development, finding a path forward, a path that individually satisfies our needs and growth. The MADZOOK Method will help you discern those tough questions, be present with you, work with you in creating your individual zone of optimal performance, your safe space, your comfort zone, or your strength and self – discovery options.

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Online or Location – Performance Enhancement  Program Design

A variety of individual, small group, corporate, or organizational program design options are available – both online, and location based. We design programs that assist YOU. We work in program design under the four pillar philosophy. You may choose one or all of the pillars for your own areas of self – growth with our guidance and participation. MADZOOK provides human development and performance enhancement skills services, that are focused on your goals and purposes!

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Goods From Around the World – Travel with Us!

While traveling along our own journey of personal improvement, and performance enhancement, we are seekers above all else. During this journey, we come across products for fun, for practical use, for enjoyment, beauty, security, serenity, education,  laughter, or well – being. These include a variety of products and garments from around the World. Check in here often as products and services do evolve. We have core products and services plus random products. If you see something that you like, buy it! We hope one day to use a portion of the proceeds to build educational centers in some of these great places that we visit. We value the life experiences of working with some of the greatest people on Earth, improving humanity, and reinforcing knowledge through individual awareness. Assisting others with more of their own potentials, expanding perceptions of limitations, and providing opportunities for improving any desired changes, personal growth, empowerment, or self- discovery.

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Individual discovery on a shared journey – Choosing to live YOUR LIFE, completely! Empowering the mind, body, heart & spirit. Humanity evolves through personal reality & individual behavior choices. Who do you choose to be?

Everyone deserves and requires a nonjudgmental place where they may share and discuss their own thoughts, frustrations, joys, confessions, and confidences. At MADZOOK we listen to you, and offer our candid and objective discussions without judging you or “telling” you how to “fix” anything, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN! “Greatness has always been found in the outlier, never within the normative set”, it is more than OK to be the awesome individual that you desire to become, in fact, it is mandatory. Only you can fully complete you! There is no one in this world more capable, or better equipped to become the unique being that you will become.

We listen to YOU. Then we discuss concepts and potential realities with you. Together we will evaluate or identify what you decide are your own goals for improvement and perceived limitations. Discovering together any areas of concern, or blockage that perhaps obstruct your growth and fullness. We begin by locating where additional knowledge may unlock the greatest potentials and skills already found within you! We provide our four – pillar guidance, safety, clarity, and self – awareness cognitive mapping. Together we openly explore ideas or avenues potentially unknown to you, or unused by you, prior to our relationship. MADZOOK provides much in life experiences and formal education so that together we may explore some of the greatest minds known to humanity, including elements of Eastern philosophy, and Western Science.

We are all seekers of knowledge and MADZOOK shares what we have discovered along their continuing journey in order to assist with your performance enhancement and individual human development. We will not judge you on, or tell you which choices to make that are best for you. Those that arise from your desires, needs, or discoveries, these choices are up to you! We coach you, we listen to you,  and we provide information for you, we never tell you how to become you or what our version of you should be.

“I am but one more soul on an individual journey through a collective of time, space, energy, physical, metaphysical, and spiritual in nature. I am experiencing multiple encounters that will shape my perspectives and determine my contexts during my journey. I am just going to be me, and enjoy the ride – life is living with intentions and by making personal behavior or ideological choices” – (Madzook Joe, 2016)



Next Steps…

I hope to witness you becoming great by your own standards and measures, not by mine or some others. I do not want to tell you how to become great by buying my programming, my trinket, or my elixir, I will leave that up to the ones that make those false promises! I want to discuss with you elements of greatness and perhaps demonstrate or discover with you how you may achieve it. I simply want you to become the YOU that you desire, not try to become or copy someone else.

If one of our programs, services, or products will assist your individual development or performance enhancement processes or may offer you enjoyment, pleasure, or self – indulgence of any kind please contact us or purchase whatever you like from our World Bazaar ( Products are added and evolved as we travel the World). Be sure to follow our blog for more updates and discussions!